Mastery… child or knight?

This is a question that a roaster often sets. Especially with specialty coffee.

“Am I going to approach the beans in a very controlled way?” Am I a knight who’s loyal and in control, not deviating from the right path. A knight which defend the existing rules and standards? Such an approach results in a scientifically supported method. The roasting is then transformed into a laboratory. Professor Xavier (X-Men) and Professor Calculus (Tintin) would envy this space: Refractometer, thermocouple, PID probe, color-measuring unit, extraction measurement, ROR curve, precision VST basket, Pergtamp, EK43, Cropster… Quartermaster Q and James Bond would love to play in a coffee roastery.

Or would I let the child, who’s in me, play around? Do we dare to explore? “Today I’m Indiana Jones playing the story of the Raiders of the Lost Coffee!”. That’s a different approach. We don’t care about the rules. Just let it go. Following our guts. The result should be good, but the road to it doesn’t matter.

Our opinion is that you can’t think in a binary way. It’s not black or white. Right or wrong. Again, the golden mean is important. Creativity and courage is necessary to innovate and differentiate. But, you also need a framework which can be found in the laboratory. Each child will need limits during his upbringing. Each coffee Otaku (geek in Japanese) needs a knight in order to maintain order. Doesn’t each child ever dreamed of becoming a knight or a queen?

This is why our company is called “Mamé Noka”. It is a Japanisation of Bean Farmer. We have chosen a reference to Japan because we love the tight nature of rituals, the loyalty of the samurai, the fantasy in manga and anime and the purity of the Lean concept used by Toyota in ’90.

To make a  ridiculous comparison. We are similar to the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Why? Because we aim to:

  1. The WISDOM of a centennial turtle.
  2. The SKILLS of a ninja
  3. The CREATIVITY of a child

[Mamé Noka]

Because we respect the farmer

Because we care about how the coffee is sourced, roasted and brewed

Because we are in love with coffee

Would you like to meet us for a coffee chat? No problem, just send us an e-mail ( and we would be glad to share our love for coffee.

Written by: Q

For: Mame Noka Coffee Roaster

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