Our coffee: Cameroon

Farmer: Hilltop Farmers Direct (Boyo Cameroon)
Origin: Bamenda Grassfields Plateau, North-West Region, Cameroon
Altitude: 1500m
Varietal: 100% Arabica, "Typica & Java" - Washed Process
Roasting: Medium Roast
Taste: full-bodied with notes of chocolate
Cameroon Coffee Jar

We are very proud to be working together with the farmers from Boyo Cameroon for this very special coffee. They are a collaboration of 600 smallholder farmers whose recipe for a high-quality coffee is an individual approach where each stakeholder adds value to the product in their own personal way. The result is a unique coffee, in taste and quality.

Boyo Cameroon came into existence when many small, family-owned farms situated on the Western High Plateau of Cameroon decided to work together in order to share risks and have more influence on the supply chain of their coffee. The farmers self-organize into village groups, where they help each other and also make sure each one of their peers adheres to the common guidelines. Hilltop Farmers Direct as their umbrella organisation provides equipment such as washing stations and drying beds to improve the quality and consistency of the coffee, thus ensuring a higher market price. Because it is the farmers themselves who have control over their product and sell it on the global market, they receive all the profits that remain after subtracting the logistic and administrative costs of exporting.

The farmers also practice mixed crop farming, meaning that the coffee trees aren’t densely planted, leaving room for other plants, mostly food, to grow between them. This is not only better for the environment but also allows each farmer to stay self-sufficient and use the profits from coffee sales to provide a higher living standard, education and health care for their families.

Boyo Cameroon empowers its farmers and makes them and their families the ones who benefit the most from their work. They protect each other as well as their environment all the while providing us with an excellent and very special coffee.

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