Our coffee: Brazil

Farmer: Mr. Nagipe KLEM (Fazendas Klem)
Origin: Municipality of Luisburgo, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Altitude: 900m - 1200m
Varietal: 100% Arabica, "Red Mundo Novo" - Natural Process
Roasting: Medium Roast
Taste: subtle with hints of stone fruits
Organic?: Yes, BE-BIO-01, non EU Agriculture, controlled by Certisys

For our Brazilian coffee we work with a cooperation of smallholder farms, Fazendas Klem, located in the state of in Minas Gerais. There they are able to produce this high-quality, organic coffee thanks to the good soil and climate of the region. Every step of the production is carefully done by hand, from selecting the seeds to handpicking the fruit.

The story of the Fazendas Klem is essential a family story: “Coffee is a family tradition. My grandfather was a coffee farmer. My father is a coffee farmer. So, I’m a coffee farmer too.” said Juan Klem, the current manager of the cooperation. Similarly, all of the farms on which the coffee grows are also owned by families, Fazendas Klem provides them with housing, technical assistance, supplies and training. 40% of the profits go directly to the farmers allowing them to make investments in the farm and to earn a comfortable living for the families. Fazendas Klem’s vision has always been to unite people around one big project, so that the whole community can profit.

Their principal has always been to have respect for the environment and the human being. And this is reflected in their work and their organic coffee which is produced by special people with total respect for our planet.

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