About us

We dream of a world where everyone can live freely and in harmony with our planet.

Mamé Noka Coffee stands for sustainable and fair coffee that benefits every single person involved in its production and consumption while also reducing its damaging effects on the planet. We have to redefine our relationship with coffee by becoming more conscious of what we buy, where it comes from and the impacts it has on the environment and on the global society. Achieving sustainability in our coffee consumption would mean immense improvements in the lives of millions of farmers and significantly reduce our ecological footprint.

In order to realize this goal, we at Mamé Noka follow the principle of “trade not aid”, meaning that we pay fair prices to producers which in turn ensures decent working conditions and living standards for them. By creating collaborative coffee communities between our roastery in Brussels and our partnering coffee farms all over the world we not only know exactly where our products come from but also make certain that consuming this coffee benefits the growers. At the same time, we try our best to protect the environment by respecting the seasonality of the product as well as the necessity for biodiversity on coffee plantations. Additionally, we only store, transport and sell our coffee in reusable containers so as to minimize waste.

All these efforts result in our delicious and fair coffee, roasted locally here at greenbizz in Brussels and available for private consumers as well as businesses. We roast our coffee manually and on demand which guarantees high quality and freshness of the product. We also invite you to come visit us, taste our coffee and find your favourite flavour.

Our philosophy:



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