Quentin, loves coffee. He loves it so much that he decided to leave his teaching job and start his own coffee roasting business. It is a very big step and his motivation wasn’t only his love of coffee. He wants to help redefine our relationship with coffee and start making a bigger social and environmental impact through its consumption.  

Many of us drink coffee a few times a day but how much do we know about what we are consuming? Where does it come from, not just the country but the actual farm? When was it harvested and what has happened to it in the meantime? What gives it its unique taste?

Quentin has been heavily influenced by his “Trade not Aid” experience in La République Démocratique du Congo. That’s how his quest for traceable and seasonal coffee started with his wife Leslie. On this quest he encountered Matti a Cameroonian coffee producer, with whom he decided to make a collaborative coffee community between two local businesses. One local business in Brussels and a local business in a coffee country far far away…

Now, the coffee roastery “Mamé Noka Coffee Roaster” is settled on the site of Greenbizz.Brussels. Production has started in April 2016 and we are building a coffee community around Mamé Noka Coffee in Brussels. We are increasingly conscious of what we buy, where it comes from and the impact that has on the environment and on society. Join us and ensure that our consumption of coffee starts to really benefit the farmers producing it, respects the seasonality of the product and stimulates the creation of jobs in Belgium.

This is for people who love coffee, care about where it comes from and want to support the development of social, environmental and local economy in Brussels. If that’s you: Test, Taste, Like, Love & Share. Come to visit us at Greenbizz. Discover the roasting process, particpate and help decide on your own flavour. Our journey is your journey. Help make a difference one cup at a time…

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