why coffee is the best

I think, I speak for all of us when I say: “Coffee is great!” After all, it is the number 1 most popular hot beverage in the entire world because we all love it so much! But why is that? What is it that makes coffee so amazing? Well, buckle up guys because we have collected 11 reasons why coffee is the best thing in the world and we want to share them with you:

Number 1: It’s a pleasure for all senses.

We all know that coffee tastes great, but it also pleases many of our other senses. For one, it smells amazing, literally the best smell in the world. It’s scientifically proven that scent is strongly linked to memory, so every time you smell coffee you remember all the times you drank it in bed on a Sunday or out in a coffee shop with friends. Plus, it also feels good, it warms up your hands on a cold morning and makes you feel all cosy inside when you drink it.

Number 2: It wakes you up.

There’s a reason that most people drink their coffee in the morning: it’s the tasty energy kick you need to start your day. That’s because coffee naturally contains caffeine, a stimulant that can jump-start your system in the morning or whenever you’re feeling tired during the day by increasing your energy levels. It also improves your muscular strength and endurance and also helps you think more clearly. Amazing, right?

Number 3: It is simple and it is cheap.

At its base coffee is a very simple beverage, so pretty much everyone can make it. While there are a lot of fancy machines and techniques for coffee making out there, when it comes down to it you really only need three things: coffee beans, some sort of filter and hot water or steam. And the best part is, because it is so simple and requires so little material, it is also relatively cheap, meaning that anyone can afford their daily cup of coffee.

Number 4: Coffee break.

Whatever you might be doing on a given day, working, studying, traveling, running errands, taking a coffee break is always acceptable. We all know the satisfaction of stopping what we’re doing for a couple of minutes in order to have a nice cup of coffee. Sometimes this is the only moment of quiet and peace we can get during a stressful day, so take care of yourself and take a coffee break!

Number 5: It always goes.

Another reason why coffee is the greatest is that it’s suitable for literally any occasion. Have to arrange a business meeting? Get some coffee. Want to catch up with friends? Do it like the guys from Friends and get you some coffee. Family reunion? Coffee and cake. First date with your crush? Two words: cute café. Need some alone time? Make yourself a coffee and cuddle up in your blanket.

source: deerwaves

Number 6: It’s social.

Whenever you enter a coffee house you immediately hear the buzz of conversation from all the people socializing over a cup of coffee. It has a unique way of creating a convivial atmosphere in which one is relaxed and happy to chat with others. There is nothing better than meeting for coffee to catch up with old acquaintances or connect with new people.

Number 7: It is intercultural.

No matter where you go in the world, you can literally always get yourself some a coffee. And what makes it even better is that every country has a unique coffee culture complete with its own traditions, ceremonies and methods. For example, have you ever heard of the Colombian tinto or the spiced coffee in Sudan? All of these you can explore while traveling, there’s a whole world of coffee out there to be discovered.

source: jamieoliver

Number 8: It’s very versatile.

Talking about all those different types of coffee brings me to my next point: coffee is versatile as heck! There are so many variables in how you can prepare your coffee, from the type of beans you use or the method for brewing to the way you actually like to drink your coffee. That versatility is what makes coffee so universally great: everyone can choose how they want to enjoy it and create their own favourite drink.

Number 9: Anyone can enjoy it.

The freedom to make your coffee whatever way you want it to be also means that it’s a drink which is suitable for (almost) everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are vegan, are lactose-intolerant, celiac or have any other food allergy (unless of course that allergy is coffee), if you have hours to enjoy the coffee or only a couple of minutes, there always is a way to have the cup of coffee that exactly suits your needs.

source: coffeetopia

Number 10: It’s creative.

There must be some sort of link between drinking coffee and being creative, why else would all artists drink so much coffee? Maybe it’s just that it makes your brain work faster and you become more productive or maybe it actually stimulates creativity, who knows. Even the process of preparing coffee can become creative, as proven by foam art or painting with coffee grounds.

Number 11: Hygge.

Lastly, can we just appreciate how cosy and homey a cup of coffee makes us feel? It simply creates an atmosphere where you can relax and feel at ease, no matter what is happening around you at that moment. So, my suggestion to you is: sit back, drink your favourite cup of coffee and gather the energy to face the day ahead!

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